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Time Star, Double R Optics and scientific works, is a scientific equipment manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008 certified and has firmly stood while the quality of the products is constantly improving. The technology enables itself to be a one-stop solution for any high-quality demanding equipment. They are the dealers, suppliers, and exporters of scientific laboratory equipment. Their product range includes polarimeter, microscopes, digital PH meter, humidifier, centrifuges machines, air instruments, autoclave, aerosol disinfector, abbe refractrometer, laminar flow bench, water instruments, and many more things handled by the scientists and researchers during many procedures tested in lab and fields. Let us look at some of their products:

Laboratory Centrifuges

It is one of India’s leading Laboratory Centrifuges Manufacturers with a wide range of quality products. When two different materials of different densities are separated, the centrifuge works. They are mainly used when insoluble particles present in dissolved solution or separated materials have similar densities. They have gained immense popularity among the suppliers because of their quality in centrifuges products. Some of the Centrifuges are:

  • Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR1378 M
  • Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR20BL
  • Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR24BL
  • Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR79BL
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge


It has been actively engaged in engineered and supplying a superior range of polarimeters. A polarimeter is an instrument to determine the optical rotation of all optically active substances and test various essential oils, brewery, chemicals, sugars, foodstuffs, and other products. The products include,

  • Disk Polarimeter DR 188A
  • Research Polarimeter (400mm) DR 189
  • Research Polarimeter DR 188
  • Student Polarimeter DR 191


They are the top laboratory equipment manufacturers and leading spectrophotometer manufacturers because of their wide range of specific industrial applications. For spectrophotometric analysis, user-friendly operations of many concentrations are done. The types of equipment are designed with revolutionary capabilities and improved productivity. It offers researchers and scientists cutting-edge tools to discover and utilize advanced materials. Their products include:

  • Advanced Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Microprocessor Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometer With Software
  • Microprocessor UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer
  • Microprocessor UV-VIS Single Beam Spectrophotometer
  • Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS


The Scientific equipment manufacturer Optics is the top Refractometers manufacturer in India. A refractometer is a device used in a laboratory or field to measure the index of refraction. Using the mixed rules, the index of refraction allows for determining the concentration. Here are the six products of refractometer:

  • Abbe Refractrometer DR 194
  • Abbe Refractrometer DR 194 A
  • Automatic Polarimeter, Sucropol
  • Butyro Refractrometer DR 195
  • Hand Refractometers DR 193 (ERMA Make)

Uncategorized products

There are over 15 products that are uncategorized yet worthy. Being one of the top manufacturers, the reputation is earned because of the quality and consistency of the products.


Double R Optics maintains good customer relationships, people development, and relentless technological innovation. All the delivered products are sold with passion and entrepreneurial spirit, making the buyers the perfect choice for potential patrons.