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Double R Optics is reckoned as one of the leading spectrophotometer manufacturers of the wide range of laboratory equipment in India. Spectrophotometers supplied by Double R Optics are specially designed to meet a wide range of specific industrial applications. Our product range includes Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS, Microprocessor UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer. They have user-friendly operations for doing spectrophotometric analysis of any concentration.

Moreover, these laboratory equipments are equipped with revolutionary capabilities, improved productivity and offer researchers and scientists a cutting edge tool to discover and develop advanced materials. Our products are widely used for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the field of biochemical and clinical research, environmental protection and food industry etc. We are a proud spectrophotometer supplier in India Our products offer to meet the requirements of different customers with different specifications and budgets. The instruments manufactured by us have lasting functional life and are acclaimed for the precise results delivered.

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Advanced Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


Microprocessor Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometer With Software


Microprocessor UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer


Microprocessor UV-VIS Single Beam Spectrophotometer


Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS

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