Digital moisture balance is a digital balance suitable to determine moisture content of materials. That do not change their chemical structure when exposed to heat. Since Drying and weighing are simultaneous. The Digital moisture balance is especially useful for determining the % moisture In substances that quickly absorb moisture after drying. The moisture can be used as a digital weighing balance also.

  • Direct display of result in %
  • Temperature control with PID controller & PT- 100 sensor
  • No need to weigh sample, Means Less errors
  • In-built Programmable timer for auto switch off the heating after set time
  • Audio alarm at completion of test
  • Cam be used as a Normal Digital Balance with Readability of 1mg
Ø  Weighing Capacity 200gm
Ø  Minimum readability 0.001gm
Ø  Minimum Moisture readability 0.01% or 0.1 % selectable
Ø  Sample Pan 80mm Round
Ø  Weight / Moisture Display Digital Large LCD
Ø  Temperature Control Digital
Ø  Temperature range Up to 150ºC
Ø  Temperature Readability 0.1º
Ø  Temperature Display Digital LED
Ø  Audio Alarm Yes
Ø  Heating time Programmable
Ø  Heating source Halogen lamp
Ø  Calibration of Balance Automatic with external Weight
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