Polarimeter Manufacturers In India

Double R Optics is counted as one among the leading polarimeter instrument suppliers in India. We have been actively engaged over the years in engineered and supplying the superior range of Polarimeter. Polarimeter is an instrument that is used to determine the optical rotation of all optically active substances and is used in the testing of various chemicals, essential oils, sugars, foodstuffs, brewery products etc. Our range of polarimeter includes Disk Polarimeter DR 188A and Research Polarimeter (400mm) DR 189. These are specifically designed by innovative technology.

Due to its data integrity, traceability and user-friendliness, the polarimeter is highly demanded and applauded in the market. We thrive to provide the superior quality of laboratory equipment at the most economical price to earn the trust of our clients. This has awarded us by the loyalty of our client-base who always look out to us when searching for polarimeter exporters. We ensure that we manufacture the best and latest polarimeter technology, designs, and features in our polarimeter instruments.

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Disk Polariemeter DR 188A


Research Polarimeter (400mm) DR 189


Research Polarimeter DR 188


Student Polarimeter DR191

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