Laboratory Centrifuge Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Double R Optics is one of the leading Laboratory Centrifuge Manufacturers in India.  We have a range of laboratory centrifuge equipment. The centrifuge works by separating two different materials of different densities. They are best used when insoluble particulates are present in a dissolved solution or when separate materials have similar densities. Laboratory centrifuge instruments are one of the necessary lab equipment which is widely used in laboratories of research institutes, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, colleges or universities.

Our product range includes Haematocrite Centrifuge Dr-1381, Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR1378 M. These equipments have been designed in a way that makes them the most economical as well as easy to use without compromising on the quality. We have provided a detailed description of these products on our website which can help you get an overview of the laboratory centrifuge equipment and also their features due which  Double R Optics owned a reputation to become laboratory centrifuge suppliers and exporters.

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Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR1378 M

Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR20BL

Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR24BL

Laboratory Centrifuge Model DR79BL

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