Polarimeter suppliers

Many industries use, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical, use polarimetry for quality control. What is polarimetry? A polarimeter is an instrument used to measure the rotation angle caused when polarized light is passed through an optically active substance. Some chemical substances are optically polarized, and when polarized light passes through them, the light either rotates to the right or left. The degree of rotation is known as the angle of rotation. This quality test helps in identifying and checking the quality of the substance. It also determines the concentration and purity of a mixture. One can find some of the best Polarimeter manufacturers & suppliers in India using the proper research process.

Application of polarimeter in different industries

Pharmaceutical Industry

A polarimeter is used to determine the sugar concentration and composition of other contents in the pharma industry. It is also used for purity checks. The usually analyzed substances are sugar, amino acid, vitamins, steroids, protein, blood sera, etc.

Food and Beverage Industry

The polarimetry test in the food and beverage industry helps with purity control, characterization, and quality check of end products and raw materials. Routine analysis can determine the concentration of sugar, glucose, lactose, lactic acid, starch, aromas, etc., in food and beverages.

Chemical Industry

Monitoring the chemical reaction during polarimetry is one of the significant applications of this scientific instrument in the chemical industry. The test helps in identifying different characteristics of the substances during research.

Sugar Industry

Polarimeter is also used in the sugar industry to check the sugar concentration in preliminary, intermediate, and end products. It also does a quality check of raw materials. The commonly analyzed products are sugar cane, refined sugar, molasses, inverted sugar, beet pulp, and syrup.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

All the incoming and outgoing pharmaceutical products are inspected using polarimetry. It is checked whether all the products are according to the pharmacopeias.

How to choose the supplier?

A polarimeter is a vital instrument when it comes to quality checks. So it is necessary to make sure that the device is scientifically accurate when it comes to providing readings. Thus, check for the following factors before purchasing it from polarimeter instrument suppliers.


The supplier should be reputable, i.e., is trusted in the industry to provide accurate instruments. To check the reputation, read reviews or contact previous customers.


Do a complete quality check before purchasing the instrument from the supplier. Many critical scientific observations depend on the results provided by the polarimeter, so checking its quality and the material it is made of is of utmost importance. And choose only the supplier that supplies the best quality polarimeter.


Contact a few suppliers and get a quotation from them before selecting one. This way, one will get the right deal for the purchase. Pay the right price! If looking for the best quality polarimeter, it also means the cost will be high, so do proper research and find a balance between the quality and price.

After-sale service

After-sale services are always a plus point. In case of any issues with the instrument, it is always helpful when a supplier like Double R provides immediate customer assistance.

A polarimeter is a critical quality control instrument in many industries. So, when purchasing it, keep in mind that it should be able to perform fast and reliable measurements and be able to meet the requirements and is easy to handle.